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Anthony Beyer

A proud Philadelphia father that shares photo memories of his family.

Anthony Beyer is a proud father and husband who shares various memories of his family. He was a leader in the video gaming field since his start in computer programming back in the 1980’s.

In the late 1990’s, Anthony Beyer created a new venture that allowed him the opportunity to create game production departments for two start up companies. These startups were his first position as an executive producer where he led a department of over 30 engineers, artists, and animators. Anthony himself on his journey of becoming an executive in software engineering. One of Anthony’s fondest moments in his career was being one of the first engineers to use a PC platform in a casino gaming product.

He also launched a gaming production company where he developed games for the Apple iOS. Anthony Beyer took the experience and knowledge he had from the coin-operated and PC games to the mobile phone industry. He credits his family and friends for being the ones who encouraged him to be a trailblazing entrepreneur in the gaming industry.