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anthony beyer Jamaica

When people think of an island vacation, they inevitably think of Jamaica first, and for good reason. The island is beautiful, and has a ton to offer.

First of all, the beaches are, without a doubt, world class. They are the paradigm of the white sandy beaches upon which the turquoise blue water laps. There are not many places in the world that can match these beaches for the relaxation they offer. And the temperature is nearly perfect all year round – almost always in that 70 to high 80’s range.

But Jamaica offers more than just beaches. The Blue Mountains, for example, are an excellent destination for hiking. So if you find yourself getting too lethargic on the beach, a fun, physical activity is easily within reach, complete with breathtaking views from the elevated areas of the rest of the island.

anthony beyer blue mountain

Another attraction is Dunn’s River Falls, a waterfall that is a unique geological formation. The falls are fed by spring water, which is rich in calcium carbonate that deposits travertine, a form of limestone, that causes the falls to constantly rebuild themselves with the sediments in the spring water. What makes Dunn’s River Falls unique is the fact that it is one of the few travertine waterfalls in the world that empties directly into the sea.

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The trip to Jamaica is excellent, and one everyone should try to make at least once. Many will find they want to make it more times than that!

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